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Thoughts: The Human Race

I have lots of interesting conversations with my friends, some of them over MSN, and they can really make me think. Today i was talking to my friend Hol about ‘race’ and rasism. And she always makes me think in a different way, as we discuss ideas, opinions and feelings on the subject, I like it that way 🙂 It’s good for ‘personal development’ I think.

Hollie said to me I think there is only one race the human race, my view was that:
‘Race’ is a funny thing.
 It’s like nationality, when you move out of the vicinity in which your “race” has lived for millions of yrs.
You can say- “I’m British”… but if you don’t ‘look’ white Caucasian British, people ask for your nationality or race or whatever.
But then… isnt nationality the political place you consider coming from, eg if you were brought up in Austria you could consider yourself to being Austrian, but then if your parents were Irish… would you then consider your nationallity Irish? What would you put down on your passport? It’s a confusing subject to me.To me race also implies that there is going to be one ‘type’ of person that is better than another- that one ‘breed’ of ppl are better than another and are ‘winners’.


Hollie agreed and added that there was far too much hate from people, I believe this is from trying to differentiating people, following the human ‘need’ to categorise things. To organise, to give things a place. 

But from this separating comes this hatred. As small children we often saw being different as being a bad thing, ‘non conforming’, the odd one out, the not to be associated with. It shouldn’t be like this. 
If we are to rid the world from hate, a big step in this would be to get rid of racism. And we need to start this work at grass roots, children and families.

Everyone should be allowed to be different, because from diversity comes success- for example in a job interview, you get picked for being different, the one that stands out, the one with something different; something Special.

We are all winners, something special, and Individuals- Let it be that way.


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