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Keswick School’s Year 13 Prom 15th November 2008

Yr13 Prom

I should have posted this just over a month ago, but I’ve been really busy!
We all had a brilliant time, it was espeshially nice to have nearly everyone from our year, including students which had since left to go to college, there.
Zoe and her Prom date =]
I didnt think I was a party person… but I enjoyed it so much, the food and all the dancing with everyone, it has changed my mind! As soon as it was over, I wanted to go to another one! hehe.
I thought that the people who had organised it had done a fantastic job, the decorations were amazing :), there was even a red carpet! haha.
Many people arrived in limos, and there was a proffesional photographer. I’ve ordered a couple of photos from him, that he took of my friends and me as it happens.
Everyone looked so smart, boys in suits and tuxs, the girls in prom and party dresses; some people dont half scrub up well!
The next event that we have like this as a year group will be the may ball, I cant wait!


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