Christmas Day Walk

Yesterday we went on a walk up to Alcock Tarn with family and Philip’s friend.
family walk xmas day
I thought it to be a great oppotunity to get some photos 🙂


Alcock-tarn looking towards Grasmere

black and white wall with Helm crag in background

Grandpa and Mum on the way up to Alcock Tarn

Naked Tree
Isnt it odd how trees undress when we are trying to put as many layers on as possible!

Black and White photo of under the mini bridge on the way to Alcock Tarn
I dont think trolls could fit under that bridge!


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One response to “Christmas Day Walk

  1. Spectacular photos!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    I invite you to listen a special Christmas episode of my podcast “Levántate y Sal a Caminar”

    28 minutes of Christmas carols in many languages, meditations and more…


    Luisa Veyan S.
    You can listen it in:

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