Where have I been?

I’ve been doing lots of things this week- hence no posts 😛

On Monday I went to visit Gran’s grave- I took away the dead flowers, then bought some new ones, as I didn’t think that I was going to the grave untill I decided when I got to Ambleside, so I didn’t get some flowers from home.

The Flowers I put on Gran's grave

The Flowers I put on Gran's grave

Afterwards I went to the library, and got lots of books and a DVD for my sister. Then Mum and Dad took me out for a really nice pizza down by Windermere 🙂 Tuesday and Wednesday I went with Dad to the NEC Birmingham for the Antiques for Everyone show to see how he vets the show. It was really interessting, and also kinda strange, cos lots of the people there knew me as a baby when Mum and Dad has a stands at the antiques fairs, and it felt in a odd way- homely :PWhile in Birmingham, Dad showed me the Pen museum and the jewellary quarter, and then I went shopping in the Bullring.On Thursday My friend came over and we went to the shops to get some ice cream becuase it was so very hot! We came home and watched Kung Fu Hustle- its a good film, a bit OTT, but not bad.  We also made cakes 🙂 which I decorated after he had left for the flower show on friday.


Friday- I got up very early to go and put my exhibits in the show- I was lucky enough to win 3 first prizes, and a third. My sister won a second with a drawing she did that morning!
In the afternoon I went to Keswick to meet up with my friend to have a good catch up, becuase during term time we haddent had chance, even tho we saw each other every week day! He supprised me by saying he wanted to make a cake- ive never hurd him say ever that he wanted to make a cake. But anyway, we made one before going to our friends BBQ party.
…. It rained, so no BBQ 😦 But it was still a good gathering, with the boys from school. I was supprised that I was the only girl there, i was expecting other girls, but not this time! So it was a very boy orrientated time- lots of playing football games on the PS3 etc. 🙂

On Saturday I went home… and on Sunday I stayed there 😛
Rest from a busy week I guess 🙂


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  1. debbie

    wow cutie cakes!i like the one on top!!
    i want to bbq as well!!

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